zSpace and WINNER Technology to Deliver Real World Virtual Reality Solution to China

zSpace Inc. a leading-edge technology company, today announced a partnership with WINNER Technology  to deliver the world’s first desktop virtual reality solution to the education, medical, simulation, design & training markets in China. The partnership will allow zSpace to penetrate these markets through the leadership of WINNER and relationships with local developers to create China specific applications.

zSpace is a streamlined hardware and software solution that allows users to manipulate virtual, 3D objects ranging from jet engines to hazardous materials to understand abstract or difficult concepts. With the product already on the market, the companies welcome developers to create applications on the platform.

zSpace’s vision is to blend the real world with the virtual to create never-before-seen experiences, naturally integrated into everyday life. These realistic and interactive experiences are created with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and revolutionary Virtual Reality (VR) technology. zSpace is already demonstrating success in over 250 school districts, universities, and medical schools, across the United States, ensuring that it is a mature and solid solution in the market. Unlike other virtual reality solutions, such as head-mounted displays, zSpace allows interaction and group collaboration.

“Our collaboration with WINNER gives zSpace a partner that is at the forefront of technology for applications in China,” said Paul Kellenberger, CEO of zSpace, Inc. “China is a big market for VR with a large population of developers which will enable growth of the VR market. zSpace started investing in the China market more than a year ago, and now we are ready to deliver with CCC product certification, proven applications, and strong partnerships like WINNER.”

The Company has also established a subsidiary in China to guide and shape zSpace VR experiences in different market segments. Along with WINNER, the subsidiary will also work to increase the zSpace developer community and localize applications built in other parts of the world.

“Virtual reality is positioned to radically change the way people experience technology,” said Eric Zhang, CEO of WINNER Technology. “In partnership with zSpace, we are embracing this opportunity to change multiple industries, capture growth in these emerging markets, and deliver end-to-end value as we expand our global leadership in intelligent business solutions.”