ZEISS Releases VR ONE GX Virtual Reality Headset

ZEISS has created a new premium virtual reality (VR) headset that will begin production in October for November availability along with the award-winning ZEISS VR ONE. The ZEISS VR ONE GX is a smartphone driven virtual reality headset that’s certified under the Works with Google Cardboard program, meaning that it’s certified to work with the Google Cardboard ecosystem. The new model features the hallmarks of Google Cardboard, with strap-free, hand-held operation and a magnetic button to interact with apps. Plus it utilizes the same high-performance optics and outstanding ergonomics of the ZEISS VR ONE.

The new VR headset has the same precision tray system used in the ZEISS VR ONE for exact optical positioning of the smartphone and is compatible with popular Android and iOS smartphones from 4.7″ to 5.2″. Manufactured trays are available for advanced VR ready smartphones including the Apple iPhone 6 plus the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6. Free CAD files are also available for download and 3D printing from ZEISS for the Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G3 and the Google Nexus 5 with more coming soon.

ZEISS high-performance optics provides a premium immersive VR experience you’d expect from a world’s leader in optics with approximately a 100 degree field-of-view. The ZEISS lenses deliver a clear image throughout the field-of-view and make adjustments for user IPD or eye-to-eye distance un-necessary. Also, the ZEISS VR ONE GX accommodates users with glasses, giving the best personalized visual experience with no need for diopter adjustments. Finally, the see-through front shield enables smartphone cameras to be used for augmented reality apps.

ZEISS VR ONE GX owners can download Android or iOS VR apps created for Google Cardboard to use on the ZEISS VR ONE GX. Google’s Cardboard platform currently has the largest and fastest growing VR app and content ecosystem for Android and iOS, with apps available from Google Play and the Apple App Store as well as a large and fast growing selection of 360 degree immersive VR videos on the YouTube #360 channel.

“The ZEISS VR ONE GX allows ZEISS to expand its selection of VR headsets now available to consumers and gives new and existing Google Cardboard users the choice of a headset with ZEISS premium optics and design,” explains ZEISS VR ONE Product Manager Franz Troppenhagen. Full compatibility with the Google Cardboard app eco-system and the large growing Google Cardboard app developer community ensures ZEISS users will have access to what is emerging as the world’s largest and fastest growing VR content universe.”

The ZEISS VR ONE GX can be pre-ordered online from ZEISS for USD120 for the headset with shipments to consumers to begin in November 2015. ZEISS VR ONE smartphone trays are available now for USD 9.90 or available as a free CAD file for 3D printing from ZEISS on-line.

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