VRAIS Releases Community Powered VR Experience

A new mobile app called VRAIS enables users to explore new worlds in virtual reality. All you need is a mobile phone and the journey can begin. Get yourself a VR headset, like Google cardboard, Vive, or Homido and make this journey an immersive experience.


“It started as a VR viewer app for our internal workflow, but we soon realized that this has the potential for something much bigger, a VR test environment and image viewer for 3D artists as well as a community powered public gallery that anyone can explore with their mobile phone” says Kay Siegert, cofounder of Mikavaa. “So we teamed up with blendFX, a company producing high profile 3D content, and created VRAIS VR Awesome in Space”.

The first version of the VRAIS app was released back in November 2015 and first announced at the Blender Conference 2015 in Amsterdam.

“Our strong connection with the Blender community helps us to reach a huge number of skilled and experienced 3D artists from around the world. We are already getting great content and even better feedback from our users.” says Sebastian König from blendFX.


Using it as an artist is pretty straight forward: Just sign up for the service, upload your VR renderings, view them immediately on your smartphone. It’s a great test environment for stereoscopic VR renderings. Artists can also submit their artworks to the public gallery. Once the rendering is approved of meeting the platform’s guidelines, it’s instantly available within the mobile app. “We added basic statistics functions which show how many people viewed your artwork and how many favorised it. And we are already working on more indepth analysis right now.” adds Simeon Conzendorf, product manager of VRAIS.

The VRAIS app is available in the iTunes App Store and in the Google Play Store, and artists can sign up for free at http://vrais.io

About the developers

Mikavaa develops custom solutions for architecture design, virtual presentations and workflow optimization. blendFX is specialized in producing complex 3D visualisations and visual effects.