VOKE Announces Plans To Live Stream Sport Into VR

VOKE, a Silicon Valley-based company, is bringing to market a live-event virtual reality (VR) platform that has already caught the attention of several professional sports franchises.

VOKE and the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars recently formalized a strategic partnership, giving the team a number of avenues for bringing virtual reality and immersive video experiences to their fans and coaching staff. In late October, the Sacramento Kings announced a strategic partnership and investment in VOKE, the result of which has already generated a VR first: a live VR stream of the King’s NBA opener against the Los Angeles Clippers to Mumbai, India.

“The wealth of research-based knowledge we’ve accumulated in true stereoscopic media and interactive VR has allowed us to develop a versatile and adaptable platform that provides a turnkey, consumer-controlled, virtual reality experience,” said Dr. S. (Jay) Jayaram, VOKE’s co-founder and CEO “Our experience has taught us that fan engagement needs to be more than VR for the sake of VR. We truly believe our technology is setting the bar when it comes to making immersive presence in live events an engaging fan experience, accessible to everyone.”

VOKE’s non-fish-eye, true stereoscopic platform is unique in that it captures and streams both a live 1800-3600 2D immersive feed for mobile, tablets, and broadcast, as well as a live VR stream consumable on every VR platform. VOKE’s proprietary solution enables fans to easily switch between multiple time-synced vantage points at live events for the best seat in the house. Add in both shareable social media and instant replay capabilities and the VOKE platform becomes the most versatile and usable VR solution available for real-time, live-event action on the market.

The forerunner to VOKE was 3D-4U, a company built on deep technical expertise in interactive VR. 3D-4U generated numerous key breakthroughs in creating real-time, immersive, live VR media, which resulted in the development of VOKE’s VR platform.

“Virtual reality technologies are developing at a rapid pace and are becoming very affordable and relevant,” said Jayaram. “Live event virtual reality will appeal to fans of all demographic backgrounds and change the way we consume sports and entertainment content. VOKE is establishing a leadership position for this new era of fan engagement.”