Virtual Reality Program JanusVR Releases Version 44.4

Recent addition to the Boost.VC tribe,  JanusVR, has released version 44.4 of its popular virtual reality browser.

This latest release maintains the high work rate of its Californian-based creator, Dr. James McCrae (pictured above), with statistics compiled by reddit user Lewis_P showing that for last 18 months there has been a major release of JanusVR every 2 weeks, and a minor release every 64 hours.

The project has recently added new functionality, with the innovative ability to drag anything – including whole 3D models – from a web surface into virtual reality (including the web surface itself!) allowing people to construct worlds faster than ever. These worlds are built in a fully multiplayer environment; this lets people build together online in virtual reality, and then save the worlds they have made to share later with others.

JanusVR version 44.4
Dragging a 3D model into JanusVR straight from a web page

Other highlights of the 44.4. update include:

  • Bugfix: COLLADA files with varying number of verts per poly
  • Bugfix: menu no longer appears when drag+drop from websurfaces in the room
  • Bugfix: staggered loading of geometry then textures restored
  • Bugfix: animation/lots of activity can cause a long delay to update websurfaces and chat log if not visible for a while then made visible

The latest version of janusVR can be downloaded from here

Pulling cat pictures out of websurfaces
Pulling cat pictures out of web pages


Pulling 3D objects directly out of web pages into virtual reality



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