CEE Launches Kickstarter To Provide VR Experiences For Students

The Centre for Educational Enterprise (CEE) declared 2016 “The Year of Virtual Reality”, and have a launched a Kickstarter to provide VR experiences for students. The year began with staff members getting involved in a number of virtual reality (VR) initiatives, including a boot camp run by Merkava as part of the Melbourne Pause Festival. Now they want to share those experiences with the wider Melbourne community, in particular student groups.

CEE in South Yarra, Australia is a global educational community hub, dedicated to innovation and leadership in education practices. They have partnered with Merkava Technologies and together they share the belief that children are our future and that their uninhibited and creative ideas for the world of VR are worth considering.


“Our business is to convince companies to adopt innovative and disruptive technologies. It is not an easy sell. With CEE it was the other way around. CEE drove us to push the boundaries  to help create a Virtual Reality concept for education that integrates cutting-edge technology with actual educational outcomes. Their knowledge and passion for both education and technology is in a class all of its own. Merkava Technologies is proud to be partnering with such a leading and innovative organisation.” said Ben Hayley, CEO Merkava Technologies

The plan at CEE, is to build a dedicated V.R. lab in South Yarra where students can experience this extraordinary technology. Within the lab, students will have the opportunity to build their own VR environments by learning 360 photography and Unity. They are excited to see what VR ideas and uses they come up with. CEE is a not for profit organisation that will extend all of its offerings to students from any school, whether they are national or international visitors to Melbourne.

The Kickstarter campaign is now live and they are looking for support to build this exciting VR hub in Melbourne.