Virtual Reality Conquers Gamescom 2015

One of the world’s largest events for game, computer and console fans, the Gamescom opens in Cologne on 5 August 2015. One of the major topics of this year’s fair is virtual reality (VR) and VR glasses. ZEISS will also be exhibiting its ZEISS VR ONE virtual reality glasses at Gamescom. “VR glasses build on the strength of current smartphones,” says ZEISS VR ONE Product Manager Franz Troppenhagen. “The sensors on smartphones such as the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 are responsible for the head tracking and displaying the three-dimensional images. This is topped off by the special ZEISS optics that enable the best-possible image quality. The ergonomic design guarantees that the VR glasses sit comfortably. This allows users to fully immerse themselves in the VR experience,” adds Troppenhagen.

Bringing the VR trend to life

An increasing number of manufacturers and developers are now entering the VR market. “Bringing this VR trend to life and demonstrating the numerous possible applications is our mission at this year’s Gamescom,” states Troppenhagen. “You don’t really understand the enthusiasm for virtual reality until you try it out.” Therefore, ZEISS is presenting three different applications for the ZEISS VR ONE at its 50 m² booth.


The event will also mark the launch of the VR game Iron Archeologyst. This game allows ZEISS VR ONE users to dive into an archaeological 3D underwater world and experience the new VR world simply by moving their heads. “The focus here is on the complex interactivity with the gaming environment,” explains Troppenhagen.  A circuit is also waiting for the remotely controlled Jumping Sumo mini vehicle from Parrot that can be controlled using the VR glasses and gives players a frog’s eye view of the world.

Additionally, ZEISS will present TrinusVR, the winning app in its app contest. The TrinusVR solution transfers the existing image from the PC to the smartphone via wifi. 3D PC games can thus be experienced in a whole new light. The head movement of ZEISS VR ONE users also changes the viewing direction in the game and thus enhance the virtual experience.

Be it a 3D movie, 360-degree panorama tours, first person view or VR gaming, entertainment is changing. “The ZEISS VR ONE is an application visionary. This is all made possible by the excellent optical design of the VR glasses, the ease of use and the ability to use 4.7-5.2 inch smartphones,” emphasizes Troppenhagen.