Virtual Reality Browser JanusVR 42.17 Update Released

Popular virtual reality browser janusVR has released more updates this week, with the program now up to version 42.17.  The latest patch includes a lot of bug fixes, including  some much anticipated security and stability improvements.

JanusVR has experienced a recent surge of interest, with a live 360 video stream from the 2015 SoCal VR Expo and Conference drawing large crowds.

Dr James McCrae, the developer of janusVR
Dr James McCrae, the developer of janusVR
  • Bugfix: cookies in Janus are now organized by domain and are only accessible via JS/webpages hosted on the same domain, preventing potential security/privacy issues
  • Bugfix: fixed potential crash when multiple bots are programmed to chat (thanks
  • Bugfix: initial UI sound (“janus loaded…”) was always female – it is now consistently based on last chosen setting
  • “Male” UI sounds sped up and filtered
  • Slight improvement to startup speed (deferring the loading of menu web browser)

Download the latest version of janusVR here

janusVR 42.17
Watching the live stream from SoCal VR 2015