Veloporter Brings VR Technology To The Gym

Sanctuary Media LLC announced today the unveiling of Veloporter, a wearable sensor that transforms stationary bike workouts into virtual reality experiences. The Veloporter sensor is currently in pre-production. Sanctuary Media LLC plans to raise the required capital for production via crowdfunding in early 2016.

“This really could be a game-changer for exercise,” said Matthew Gudenius, President and Principal Engineer at Sanctuary Media LLC. “Studies have shown positive effects of exercise-oriented video games for increasing fitness and combatting obesity. Virtual reality takes that concept to the next level, and it has now become very affordable and accessible for practically everyone.”


Virtual reality is a burgeoning technology with a potentially huge market. VR headsets are now available to anybody with a smartphone for very low price. “We believe this is just the beginning of a virtual reality revolution,” Gudenius stated, “but we see potential in VR for more than just entertainment; it could be a powerful tool to improve life. There are a few other products that use game technology with cycling workouts, but what makes Veloporter unique is that it’s compact, inexpensive, and designed specifically to provide a VR experience for anyone with a mobile phone.”

The Veloporter system uses a small wearable sensor, a VR headset for Android or iPhone, and a stationary bike. The user’s phone sits inside a comfortable VR headset, while the Veloporter sensor clips onto the user’s shoe or sock to wirelessly transmit pedaling speed into a virtual reality app running on the phone inside the VR goggles.


Veloporter will come with a VR cycling game called MoonCyclist, in which the user can experience low-gravity racing across the Moon’s craters and lunar landscape. Sanctuary Media LLC plans to release additional Veloporter-compatible games and experiences in the near future. In addition, a development kit and instructions will be made available for other developers to make their own Veloporter-compatible games, apps, and virtual reality experiences to teleport bike workouts to whole new worlds.

Anyone interested in obtaining Veloporter or keeping up to date with progress and release dates can sign up for the Veloporter newsletter or follow progress on Facebook