Futuretown Launches 3 VR Games For HTC Vive

Vancouver developer Futuretown announced today the launch of 3 new virtual reality games for the HTC Vive, Cloudlands: VR Minigolf, Jeeboman, and A-10 VR to coincide with the launch of the HTC Vive hardware.

Now available on Valve’s gaming system, Steam, these 3 titles are a great introduction to the incredibly immersive experiences the newly launched HTC Vive brings to people of all ages. Whether it’s putting the ball in a game of minigolf or shooting at alien spaceships, players are transported to new worlds all in the comfort of their own living rooms.

The HTC Vive is a virtual reality system that includes a head mounted display, wireless controllers and room-scale movement sensors that enables players to walk freely, see their own virtual hands via the tracked controllers, and feel high levels of presence in their virtual worlds.

Justin Liebregts, Futuretown’s CTO expressed, “What an exciting time to be both a consumer and a developer. We’re witnessing the birth of a new medium that has been alluding and teasing us for decades. Virtual Reality is finally here! We’ve all become digital pioneers, exploring this new medium and discovering what types of experiences and applications are possible. It really is wide open at this point and we’re extremely excited and honored to be part of this revolution.”

Cloudlands: VR Minigolf

Cloudlands: VR Minigolf is a Virtual Reality minigolf experience where players can enjoy serene environments and a beautifully crafted course design high above the clouds. Cloudlands offers players fun single player and local multiplayer minigolf challenges with ball cannons, floating bridges and multi-level courses. Online multiplayer will be available in a soon to be released free update. Unlike traditional games, Cloudlands is specifically built for a room-scale experience where players can walk around the course to carefully observe, aim, and time their shots to overcome the many challenging obstacles. It’s a game that people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy.


Jeeboman is a Virtual Reality retro action shooter set in a futuristic city. Players fill the role of JEEBOMAN, a retro super hero battling against waves of invading robots using high-tech weaponry. Several different types of enemies, traps, and challenging bosses will attack from all angles. Built with room-scale experience in mind, players will be able to duck, dodge, block, and teleport to avoid incoming attacks, while at the same time unload rockets, cannon fire, and lasers at enemies. Jeeboman is a game filled with nostalgia and brings back the old-school arcade action.

A-10 VR

A-10 VR combines stunning graphics with accessible gameplay to introduce players of all ages and skill levels to the possibilities of virtual reality. A-10 VR has been geared towards users trying VR for the first time, although sharp shooters will be able to spend hours mastering their gun play.