UK Indie Studio Announces Upcoming Release of Virtual Reality FPS

UK based indie game studio Lupus Solus has announced the upcoming release of its first virtual reality game Push For Emor

Push For Emor combines SciFi first person shooter/role playing game with real time strategy elements – and some tower defense thrown in for good measure. Currently in alpha testing, the full release of Push For Emor is scheduled for early 2016.

Your mission, that you have no choice but to accept (because it’s your job and it would be a very short game if you didn’t) is to help push back the encroaching Emorians and clear the way for Justicar forces, one solar system at a time.
‘I always liked EVE, but was disappointed that you couldn’t board crippled ships or land on the planets you visited,’ said Garry Hamer, the CEO of Lupus Solus, ‘I liked Borderlands, but found myself wanting to leave the planet and go exploring other similar worlds. I had an Oculus Rift and wanted all that gameplay in a first person virtual reality game, but no one was making it – so I decided to make it myself.’
Developed using the Unity engine, Push For Emor features full Oculus Rift and controller compatibility, integrating head-turning physics with interactive menus, driving, and combat.
  • Fight your way across 11 mission lead planets.
  • Explore Planets with different tech levels (Low / Steampunk / Futuristic.)
  • Fly between planets on upgradable ships.
  • Engage in space combat, disable enemy craft and board them.
  • Explore abandoned space stations.
  • Build mining facilities & defences on resource planets.
  • Defeat evil planet governors & push towards the planet Emor.

Lupus Solus
is a indie studio working out of Blackpool in the north of England, Push For Emor is the studios first virtual reality title, but with all the fun that the developers have reportedly had making it, it will not be it’s last.