Testronic Opens Dedicated VR Test Centre

Testronic, the leading QA, localization and compliance specialist, has opened a dedicated Virtual Reality Test Centre.

The VR Centre will operate within Testronic’s Warsaw, Poland offices and is being headed up by QA veteran Julian Mower. The unit will be dedicated to handling the very unique complexities of Virtual Reality testing. Testronic has already begun work on its first project within this sector.


“This is an incredibly exciting time for games and the wider entertainment business, with VR literally becoming a reality,” said Mower “We’ve just returned from GDC where Virtual Reality was very much the theme of the show, with headsets being demonstrated, games being announced and, of course, Sony announcing the launch details for PlayStation VR.

“But this new medium is bringing with it new QA challenges. Testing VR games goes way beyond checking for bugs and compatibility; there’s a huge focus on the user experience. Like most publishers and developers, Testronic has been working on VR strategies for some time now, and the opening of our new VR Test Centre represents the culmination of research into this exciting new world.”