TechnoBlood Partner with FOVE to Launch VR For Internet Cafes in Asia

TechnoBlood, Inc. has partnered with FOVE to provide eye-tracking HMDs for free to internet cafes in Japan and South Korea, and to launch a large platform for virtual reality experiences.

To distribute FOVE in South Korea, TechnoBlood will collaborate with an affiliated company, N Media Platform Co., LTD, which is known for providing internet cafe management solutions in South Korea. This partnership will provide a huge VR content platform that can reach about 25,000,000 users monthly, spanning over 7,000 internet cafes in Japan and Korea.


This project, named Virtual Gate Project, will open the “gate” to the VR world for the general population, making high-end technology more accessible. NetCafe Gate is the first step towards this goal, making FOVE available at internet cafes in Japan and South Korea.

TechnoBlood is a provider of ProVision, a content distribution solution with the largest market share in Japanese internet cafes. ProVision is used in over 90% of internet cafes and is currently installed in about 100,000 computers. Similarly, in South Korea, N Media Platform provides content platforms, such as Geto and multiself. Such strong network in both countries will be able to build a strong content distribution platform for VR contents.


TechnoBlood’s gaming content network for internet cafes, FOVE’s high-level VR technology, tech support by GPU makers, and financial support for content developers by venture capitalists are all combined to accelerate this project. Virtual Gate Project will make high-quality VR experience accessible to general audience and contribute to the future of VR.

What is FOVE?

FOVE is the world’s most advanced virtual reality head mount display, combining eye tracking technology with head orientation tracking and positional tracking.

Using eyes as an input device, VR user experience is significantly enhanced by:

  • Minimizing motion sickness and allowing longer, more comfortable VR experience
  • Replicating natural human eye vision by intentionally blurring un-focused peripheral areas
  • Enabling natural non-verbal communication with other human or virtual players through eye contact
  • Introducing intuitive, accurate, fast UI operations, activated by glance, focus, and blink

In addition, eye-tracking based technology, called Foveated Rendering, can reduce the processing demands for the GPU. By rendering only focused area in high quality while the surrounding areas are processed in lower quality, FOVE can provide users with AAA VR content even on computers with mid-range specifications.