TDK Announces New Serial ATA 6Gbps SSDs

TDK Corporation announces the new SDS1B series of 6 Gbps serial ATA compatible 2.5 inch solid state drives will be available from August 2015. The new drive feature the NAND flash memory controller chip GBDriver GS1, and TDK hope it will set a new industry standard for speed and reliability.

Recent strong sales of portable mass storage shows the need for fast, high-volume data storage is on the rise, driven by developments such as larger operating system overheads and the trend towards high-definition large-capacity data applications as exemplified by 4K and 8K full high-resolution data broadcasting.

Industry analysts believe as data volumes increase, users will increasingly opt for solid state drives with MLC NAND type memory, where improved data retention capability as well as high reliability become important considerations along with the regular benchmark test results.