Semcon Releases Virtual Reality Software For Industry

Industrial customers can now experience everything from large production environments to extreme detail through Virtual Reality (VR). Semcon’s in-house developed VirDa software facilitates quality assurance early in projects, providing an exciting presentation of the solution.

The new VirDa software handles 3D models from most CAD systems that can be experienced in Oculus Rift, a Virtual Reality headset, so far mainly used by the gaming industry. VirDa is a unique software for Oculus Rift, currently only available from Semcon.

Semcon offers unique Virtual Reality software for industry

Michael Holmudden from Semcon, himself a gaming enthusiast, also saw the potential of using Oculus Rift technology at work as a product development construction engineer. Along with his colleague Jesper Lundkvist, he began developing his own software for providing 3D customer solutions for Virtual Reality environments. The result, VirDa, provides an extra, very real, monitoring phase, before committing to the extremely costly production phase.

“The first customer to use the technology had planned a completely new production facility, which Semcon developed the 3D layout for. Using VirDa we were able to navigate around the production environment using Oculus Rift together with the customer and find improvement potential for where forklift aisles were located,” says Michael Holmudden.

The latest version of VirDa manages to include complete structures of 3D objects and create an even greater sense of reality. The technology’s biggest potential is in detail-rich environments, such as driver cabs, production lines or oil platforms. In the future it may be possible for project members at various sites around the world to navigate these environments, during the same meeting. VirDa can also be used to scale up very small components to many times their size, such as the inner workings of a watch, and then study it close up.

“Using VirDa you get a much more direct, visual experience. It is also an absolute delight to work with, both for me as a developer and for the customers. It allows us to understand the solution a lot quicker and makes it easier to make decisions,” Michael Holmudden says.