Scouting Owl: The Disruptive Virtual Reality Real Estate Solution

Scouting Owl, the innovative Virtual Reality real estate solution, has announced the launch of their disruptive new technology. A team of artists, programmers, filmmakers and marketing specialists have come together to provide an elegant and advanced full-service solution for the biggest struggles in the real estate market – showing properties and generating high-end listings.

Of the new launch, leading developer Joseph Profit said, “Scouting Owl was born out of necessity. Having been simultaneously a buyer and a seller with rental tenants, trying to balance a family and a cross-country move was a headache. I burned through more than 32 hours of both my life and my agent’s life, only to be misled by wide-angle photographs of the property interiors. At the time, I really wished that my agent had a smarter solution, like Scouting Owl.”

Scouting Owl solves the real estate problems of time and money in the following ways:

  • An interactive 360 Virtual Reality video that allows buyers and sellers alike to digitally recreate real-world spaces in AR, VR, web and mobile applications.
  • Each video file features a custom helpful voiceover which answers frequently asked questions specific to each individual property.
  • Agents can show multiple properties to multiple clients in the same hour from the comfort of the agency office, avoiding travel expenses, scheduling snafus and awkward encounters with tenants.
  • As the buyer pauses to look around, Scouting Owl generates facts, figures and measurements to provide them with the essential information they need to make an educated buying decision.
  • Expedited decision-making allows agents to pick up more listings and exponentially increase overall sales.
  • Scouting Owl eliminates the need for costly and heavy 360 video equipment and hosting fees, while producing a better perspective on your prospective space than a competitor’s poorly rendered 3D models that lack true applicability and value.
  • No need for expensive equipment like Oculus Rift or Samsung VR; Scouting Owl is available on any device with Youtube, Facebook and Google Cardboard video capabilities