Regis University Creates Virtual Reality Campus Tours

Regis University today unveiled a unique new way for prospective students to tour and experience the school’s scenic 100-acre campus. Through an interactive, immersive experience created by independent agency Primacy, students are able to put on an Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset and immediately be transformed to the campus where they can get a full, 360-degree tour as if they were on site – including viewing daybreak runs at Red Rocks, being immersed in Regis’ experiential nursing skills lab and visiting the campus pub to watch a live Jenga game.

Regis’ work with Primacy supports its “Regis Rising” strategic plan, focused on fostering a culture of innovation. Jesuit education has a rich tradition of breaking barriers, and the university is committed to adapting new technologies, like Oculus Rift, to advance innovative practices across the campus.

“Technology is a driver in every industry, and higher education is no exception. We are constantly seeking out new tools to help us tell the Regis story and stay relevant in the digital age,” said Sarah Engel, director of admissions at Regis University. “This past year, we positioned ourselves to enroll the largest freshman class in Regis history with ambitious, purposeful recruitment techniques. With the addition of technologies like the Oculus Rift, we hope to drive that innovation further.”


Using 3D-printed camera rigs that hold six or ten GoPro Hero4 cameras in a spherical shape – as well as tripods, monopods and even drones to capture the perfect shot – Primacy has created 360° videos that capture various elements of life at Regis. The agency’s digital experts then download, synchronize, stitch together and process the footage before inserting it into a VR headset to provide the seamless and life-like tour.

“We’ve seen firsthand how effective applications of virtual reality can leave lasting industry impressions,” said Jeff Johnson, SVP of strategic practices at Primacy. “We’re excited to help Regis create new innovative experiences that help prospective students make informed decisions about their future; and become a true leader in the higher education market.”

Students interested in Regis University will be able to take virtual tours at a number of college fairs throughout the country, beginning September at both Jesuit Excellent Tour (JET) and the Colorado Council on High School/College Relations Day/Night recruitment events.