‘Push For Emor’ Launches Kickstarter Campaign

UK based Indie game studio Lupus Solus have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their virtual reality game ‘Push For Emor

The game which combines SciFi first person shooter/role playing with real time strategy elements, was recently added to Steam Greenlight to positive reviews from users.

Push For Emor is the game that I have always wanted to play, but I could never find it.’ said the games creator Garry Hamer. ‘I’m pleased the game has received so many positive early reviews, we’re currently at an very early alpha stage, so game assets and game play will change as development continues’

The total funding goal for the game is £18,000, with the Kickstarter campaign set to close on the 3rd of April.

Push for Emor


Steam Greenlight - Push For Emor