‘Push For Emor’ Early Access Starts October 24th

Push For Emor is solo indie project from Lupus Solus Studios. The game happily works on both Monitor and VR (Oculus & HTC Vive) PC gaming setups. The game will have you landing on and exploring mission driven alien planets, engaging in space combat and looting enemy ships, setting up mining facilities on resource rich worlds, and checking in at space stations as you Push your way towards planet Emor. It’s a game that the developer had always wanted to play in VR, but it didn’t exist, so he decided to make it himself.



  • 11 planets of varying tech levels (low, steampunk & cyberpunk)
  • 5 Solar Systems
  • Mission driven game-play (on planet and in space)
  • Planet & Space combat.
  • Disable enemy ships in space and board them.
  • Explore & fight through abandoned space stations.
  • Move between solar systems and planets via space warp gates.
  • Create mining facilities on resource gathering planets and defend them.
  • Fly/Drive a great selection of vehicles (if you can see it in game, you can get in it).
  • Works with standard Monitor.
  • Works with VR (Oculus CV1 and HTC Vive).
  • Tracked controller support for HTC Vive (Oculus Touch support coming soon).