Proven Reality Launches VR/AR Kickstarter

3D Proven Systems is making a leap out of left field, springing from its comfortable niche in the Southwest to make unparalleled waves in the 3D industry with global ramifications. Packaged in the form of a Kickstarter project they’re calling Proven Reality, they aim to further innovate upon already hot technologies by offering high quality Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps that are inexpensive and mobile, deviating from the current industry pull toward larger, wired headsets. Riding alongside that goal is an emphasis on meaningful content, contrasting the more traditional role these technologies play as entertainment.

“Proven Reality isn’t just a couple of apps, it’s an entire experience: We’ve manufactured a way to communicate through virtual and actual reality built from 3D Printing, AR, and VR. Communication is what apps are for in the first place,” says 3D Division Director, Felipe Mendoza. The results are something no one’s yet seen, and something with the potential to spread rapidly –taking the information age from its characteristic exponential increase in potential to an asymptote—there are now literally infinite possibilities.

Proven Reality is best defined as a communication platform. Playing on the nuances of the way we already share information, Proven Reality uses 3D Printed objects to store, send, and share messages through its app, Proven AR. This backbone is further strengthened by VR designed to emphasize versatility and mobility. While the Virtual Reality app, Proven One, is the flagship element of their newly launched Kickstarter project, the real jaw dropper comes from what 3D Proven Systems can already do within the realm of Augmented Reality: Running off an operating system they developed in-house, this software is on the leading edge in its ability to recognize real-world objects instead of just images and miles ahead in the fact that unlike any other AR software on the market, 3D Proven Systems’ is not limited by size—even being able to augment objects as large as buildings.

Proven Reality’s Kickstarter page is now live, and runs through the end of September. It can be viewed here: