Planetary Prospectors Multiplayer and VR Update

Independent game studio Nefarious Dimensions has announced more upcoming improvements and additions to Planetary Prospectors: Asteroid Resource Mining for Windows on Steam Early Access including multiplayer, full VR support and a mobile companion app.

Multiplayer will initially be available with a free mobile companion game, that will allow connectivity between Planetary Prospectors: ARM and mobile devices. Players will be able to use their geographical location to trade minerals and cargo in exchange for credits or newly crafted equipment and spacecraft. The mobile game will also be playable standalone although it will be better experienced with the multiplayer community. A dedicated multiplayer experience is also in the works for Planetary Prospectors: ARM including PvP (player vs player).

Planetary Prospectors: ARM

Virtual Reality is implemented and fully supported in Planetary Prospectors: ARM is designed around StreamVR, specifically using IR tracking with the player starting the game locked inside a 15 x 15 foot jail cell that only allows access to a Mining Repair Rescue Mech which they can walk into and use a Steam Controller to pilot. Oculus Rift and Playstation  PSVR support are also in the works.

About Planetary Prospectors: ARM

Planetary Prospectors: ARM is an open world, near infinite procedurally generated multiverse, episodic non-linear storylines mixed with a Psychological Survival Horror, where the player must escape from being a slave miner aboard a Mining Barge that has been taken over by a hostile advanced alien A.I. Pilot a Mining Repair Rescue mech with HOTAS and VR HMD support, in simulated Newtonian physics to experience true zero gravity mining and exploration. Prospect, Mine, Survive… Escape!