Legend VR Announces Strategic Partnership with Littlstar

Industry-leading 3D Conversion, VFX and virtual reality studio Legend VR announced today its partnership with the global leader in 360-degree content distribution, Littlstar, to build the next generation of production and post-production tools for VR. The collaboration will set new standards for the creation of cinematic VR, bringing Legend’s award-winning, real-time 3D pipeline for designing live-action/VFX hybrid narrative content, and integrating this development with Littlstar’s patent-pending VR network technology.

In order to create compelling 360-degree video up to Hollywood’s standards, the companies are focusing on development of a new technology stack to integrate directional sound and visual cues, high quality stitching and color correction, new types of playback and interaction, and analytics. Legend VR and Littlstar are creating a pipeline that easily handles the complexities of high resolution, high frame rate and VFX integration in the production process through the scalable distribution of interactive immersive video experiences.

Legend is really pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cinematic VR

“The wild west days of VR are coming to an end, and the focus now has to be on executing the highest quality narratives and on global distribution. Audiences have become aware of bad stitching, a lack of understanding on how to move the camera and poor compression, and I think that’s a good thing for VR,” said Matt Akey, CMO at Legend. “Littlstar’s team is always thinking two steps ahead of the needs of the mass market and they are setting up the ultimate platform for this higher tier of VR content.”

“Legend is really pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cinematic VR, and they are a perfect partner to develop the tools needed to package up complex 360-degree stories into a simple and beautiful consumer experience,” said Tony Mugavero, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Littlstar. “We are working closely with them to define new ways to enjoy stories in VR, and we’ll be helping studios, brands, and social stars getting into VR, package up and deliver the best 360-video experience to consumers.”

Legend VR

Legend VR recently completed the visual effects, stitching and 360-degree formatting for the Muse music video “Revolt” in partnership with Vrse.works, as well as completing the “Beware Crimson Peak” VR experience for Legendary Pictures this past summer. Legend VR is in production on multiple other VR experiences including live concert events, theatrical feature companion pieces, behind-the-scenes experiences and interactive advertising spots — most of which are in stereoscopic 3D as well as 360-degree.

The Littlstar network, which recently received investment from Disney, currently hosts exclusive virtual reality content from some of the world’s major content creators including Showtime, Nat Geo WILD, Discovery, Car and Driver, PBS, Mountain Dew, the Fusion Network (owned by ABC), and many more. Littlstar also recently licensed their technology platform to Discovery Channel for their launch of Discovery VR. As part of the deal, Littlstar gets fresh content from Discovery VR as it rolls out.