Jeeboman – VR King of Chaos

Jeeboman is an arcade style, first person shooter made for the HTC Vive, and if it could be summed up in one word it would be ‘Chaotic’

It uses a wave based system that gets more difficult as it goes, as well as giving the user the option to increase or decrease their difficulty before starting the game. Increasing the difficulty increases the enemies health, while decreasing your own and vice versa.


Before starting you will go through a quick tutorial showing you what the user interface is for the game. I found the user interface to be simple and effective and the tutorial was effective at teaching me the game mechanics.

There is also a training area that you can use to get a feel for the weapons before starting the game. This area can be very useful, because it’s more fun to be playing the game rather than learning the controls when the enemies are a real threat.

If Jeeboman sounds like it has more variety in it than most VR titles so far, that’s because it does.

I felt that the guns were very fairly balanced against each other. This is a nice change, because in all the other titles I’ve seen there tends to be one gun that’s just plain better than everything else.

  • The warp gun doesn’t do damage, but it is useful for escaping when things get hot
  • The double barrel shotgun sure is useful for those close encounters
  • The cannon is more powerful and accurate than the shotgun, but requires a bit more aim
  • The rocket launcher is useful for taking out more dangerous or high health opponents
  • Don’t forget your shield, you can activate the shield with any weapon to block enemies and bullets, but it’s not very effective against rockets.

Once you’ve chosen your difficulty it is time to start Jeeboman. I found that even at early levels, you’ll need to switch between the different platforms using your teleport gun often. This helps you avoid enemies and allows you to gather necessary ammo and health.


I liked how the different enemies required the user to strategically use their different weapons.

  •  Drones : These fly directly at you, if they touch you they do damage. I found myself using shotguns for to get these pesky buggers off my back.
  • Bullet Turrets : These are stationary and shoot directly at you slow moving projectiles. Their low mobility make using the Cannon a wise choice.
  • Rocket Launchers Turrets : These are stationary and shoot into the sky, the rockets fall at a 65 degree angle to the ground. Their low mobility makes the Cannon ideal here as well.
  • Large Drone : These fly around and will routinely shoot rockets at you. Your rocket launcher will quickly lock-on to these death machines.
  •  Giant Ant : These are very large distant enemies that will use laser beams to shoot you. Rocket launchers are required.
  •  Plasma Walls: These slow scanning large rectangles scan the area. You won’t be able to destroy these, best to avoid with your warp gun.

If Jeeboman sounds like it has a more variety in it than most VR titles so far, that’s because it does. However, I found that my constant teleporting left me motion sick. The barrage of enemies left me confused, and the variety of weapons and enemies was just overwhelming.


If you’re looking for something with a ton of action, Jeeboman may be for you, but you may want to pass on this title if you get easily motion sick or if you simply want a game with better pacing.

Things are still early and Jeeboman has a ton of potential. I know I’ll be trying out some of the later patches because there really is not another VR title that has the weapon variety or enemy variety that Jeeboman has.

Jeeboman is available now on Steam for US$9.99