JanusVR Version 42.2 Released

Release 42.2  of the popular virtual reality program janusVR has been released, it includes a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. Development of the project has been gathering pace recently, with many industry insiders predicting great things from this virtual reality program and it’s creator James McCrae.

janusVR creator James McCrae
janusVR creator James McCrae

Improvements and fixes in the latest update include:

  • In 42.2, when a JS debugger window becomes active, Janus will release the mouse allowing proper interaction with the window
  • In 42.2, pressing F5 while a websurface is selected reloads the websurface page (and not the URL of the room you are in)
  • In 42.2, a mutex is now used to control the creation of threads that update the video surface.
  • In 42.2, the plane primitive on Mac is scaled down to match that of the Windows/Linux releases.
  • In 42.2 – for a “soft quit”, the key combination has been changed from F4 to Ctrl+F4, to avoid accidental quits (i.e. when reaching for F5)
  • In 42.2, a bug relating to websurfaces becoming non-interactive after leaving a room has been fixed (bug introduced while adding the lazy loading of websurfaces that have an image placeholder)
  • In 42.2, for the Leap Motion input, additional axis indicators have been added, there is now a large dead zone for the vertical/flight axis which should make flight easier and the size of the cylinder has been increased along the vertical axis (thanks Kip from Leap)

Download the latest version of janusVR here