JanusVR Adds Support For Oculus Runtime .8

Virtual reality project JanusVR has released its 47.20 update, and among the many changes and updates, it now support the new Oculus 0.8 runtime.

The San Francisco based project has been busy over the last month, with its creator James McCrae working hard to get the project further funding, allowing it to grow faster and add even more features.

JanusVR CEO James McCrae

Highlights of the recent update include:

  • Frame rate improvements
  • Oculus runtime 0.8 support
  • Reductions to memory footprint
  • Fixed issue with memory leak
  • Updated imgur site translator
  • Updates to default avatars
  • Fixing a graphics bug that was causing decreased FPS in the lobby/starting room

The recent updates have allowed for even larger objects in JanusVR, with user FireFoxG setting a new record with an object over over 2 million triangles.