JanusVR Releases Version 42.14

Popular virtual reality program janusVR has released a steam of updates recently, with the program now up to version 42.14.  The latest patch includes a bunch of bug fixes and improvements, including the ability to support SSL, greatly improving  security and stability. Another recent addition to JanusVR is a new games section, a collection of ‘doors’ to community made games.



Improvements and fixes in the 42.14 update include:

  • Janus tries SSL first when connecting to servers
  • Janus now uses beta.vrsites.com:5567 as the default multiplayer experience server
  • Bugfix: no more crashing for self and others when using extra Objects attached to avatars
  • Bugfix: left clicking websurface links works

Download the latest version of janusVR here

janusVR creator James McCrae
JanusVR creator Dr. James McCrae