JanusVR Demonstrates New Features Live At VRLA

Virtual reality internet browser JanusVR was publicly demonstrated at this weeks VRLA meetup in Los Angeles by its creator Dr. James McCrae. The recent addition to the the Boost.VC accelerator was well received, with a queue of people waiting to try out his virtual reality software.

Interviewed at VRLA by Media Discord, Dr McCrae was very upbeat about the project, and the direction is was heading.


One of the new features demonstrated at VRLA was the ability to post 360 pictures directly from JanusVR to VRchive, and from there embed into a twitter feed, opening up a whole new way of sharing virtual reality experiences.

The event at VRLA capped off a busy time for the Indie project, which this week also moved to Amazon cloud hosting, and released 3 major updates.

JanusVR is available for PC, Linux or OSX, and a VR headset is not required to use it in ‘desktop’ mode, so anyone can try it out. The latest version of JanusVR can be downloaded from www.janusvr.com