Holden To Trial Virtual Reality Test Drives

Holden Australia will present a vision of the future at all three 2015 Holden State of Origin games, demonstrating the latest virtual reality (VR) experience using Oculus Rift technology, with a Colorado off-road adventure ride through backcountry New Zealand.

The adventure ride, takes passengers of the Colorado on a special mission to deliver a mysterious box, conquering rugged terrain and spectacular landscapes along the way.

Rather than simply employ computer-generated graphics (CGI), CoDriver uses purpose shot 360 degree, 12K resolution video footage combined with 3D positional sound recording and in-car vibration simulation to give an incredibly realistic experience, all delivered via a state-of-the-art Oculus Rift headset, originally developed for online gaming.


The unique experience pulls together various cutting edge immersive technologies to track head movement, allowing participants to look around the virtual world just as one would in real life.

Participants will be recorded and able to share their experience on social media.

Holden’s Executive Director of Marketing, Geraldine Davys, said the technology demonstrated in the CoDriver project was a potential pointer to the future of vehicle retail experiences.

Holden is always looking for innovative ways to demonstrate products and give buyers a more exciting experience and CoDriver is the first step in this project,” said Ms Davys.

Combinations of different VR technologies may serve as an example of the future direction for Holden dealers, allowing customers to experience cars in environments a world away from their local dealership.”

Holden’s VR display will be available to experience at all three Holden State of Origin games:

  • 27 May – ANZ Stadium, Sydney
  • 17 June – MCG, Melbourne
  • 8 July – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane