The Future of the World… Seen Through a Rose Tinted HMD

In the future… a new generation of artists will be writing reality as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses.

Freeman Dyson wrote this line, but he was referring to life itself via synthetic biology.  That world of synthetic biology offers a universe of possibility for life on this pale blue dot. Now imagine a world without the limits of the physical universe.  What would a Tamagotchi pet look like in an unconstrained Matrix?  What sort of crazy would mankind build in a place without rules? What are the implications for Mankind when you can share dreams?

Insane Paradigm shifts have already begun. Radically immersive games, educational experiences, the beginnings of a VR enabled 3D internet, and of course, VR porn.  These early successes alone are enough to cause profound changes to modern civilization as they scale to mass adoption.  The educational aspects of VR, for example, will bring hands on tutoring to the most remote places on earth.

Hands on approach to Robot repair
Hands on approach to Robot repair


VR Porn may bring about a sense of sexual freedom not seen since the bathhouses of ancient Rome and next level kinks. By next level kinks, In a decade or 2, Picture the AI from the Movie Her, with a super realistic android, and an incredibly realistic VR overlay for your robot. It’s not all good times though, It’s concerning to many that  the porn becomes real enough to cause national economic problems as reproduction rates start to decline and the population ages.  Still, This is the rose tinted look at the future, so the optimistic side is less people and less strain on earth in the long run.


The VR ‘FleshLight’ of the Future

Speaking of less strain on earth, VR travel will become a HUGE industry. No longer will humanity wreck the slopes of Everest or Machu Pichu.  We are still a few years away from an experience that even comes close to the real thing, but you can already get a sense of this through fantasy experiences, Photogrammetry scenes, and the early VR versions of Google street view.  In the more medium term, Google and others will start to 3D map the world in higher and higher detail.  I would expect to see high quality Tango scans of entire city blocks within a year or so.  This whole field goes hand in hand for Architectural visualization, but that is low hanging fruit and vast enough to have it’s own article. Be sure to keep an eye on this field, both hardware and software.



Machu Pichu

Some of the more experimental concepts have the potential to upset our perception of reality itself, Mostly through Augmented Reality in combination with VR.  Ad block for Real life, AR/VR ghosts, Gaze detection and it’s potential, scary advancements for big data with the body and eye tracking, and the list goes on…  It’s anyone’s guess as to the effects these advancements will have, but they are sure to be a revolution in many industries.

Gaze detection, as just one small example, will be used to track what you are looking within the new internet.  For companies who sell information, cough google cough, this will lead to a big data revolution as billions of people unwittingly become the largest double blind focus ground in history.  If you think your search history is sacred, imagine a world where everything you look at, from an avatars shoes, to the mega billboards of the metaverse  is tracked. The future of the internet will be like the movie Minority Report, when Tom Cruise walks through the super modern mall and everything recognizes his eyes, but taken to the extreme.  Scary but inevitable because it’s so valuable.



Eye Tracking scene from Minority Report


VR is just another evolution of media, but not the last. The start was cave drawings made from literal shit to the end goal of a prefect reproduction of our dreams telepathically streamed to another person’s head, or maybe another reality entirely. In the long run, VR is just a stepping stone to fully simulated reality and the unreal that is possible in a world without physics. The qualia of everyday life will be fully simulated in time, which by definition includes a person’s subjective experience of reality. I would argue that we wont ever truly feel presence until our technology can give us that, but we are closer then ever and rapidly advancing. That said, it’s good thing is that our brains fill in the blanks for most of our real subjective experience, so we may not require a perfectly simulated reality to achieve true presence. Hopefully we only have to do the magic tricks to trick our brain into thinking everything is there, and we will be more powerful the the gods of myth within of our virtual universe sooner then anyone thought.

Profoundly world changing events are just starting to bubble at the surface in this field.

It’s SO close I can taste it, almost literally.