The Future Of Virtual Reality

Is it any surprise that in this time of technological advancement that Virtual Reality is at the forefront of this industry? Virtual reality is expanding at an incredibly fast rate and this brings the once distant future of VR ever so closer.

We’re giving people all over the world the ability to harness the power of virtual worlds. Students can do the impossible and time travel back in time to talk to a famous scholar. Patients suffering from severe paranoia can face their fears and harness it in everyday life. And military objectives can be well prepared and fought without a single armed body on the ground.

This visual feature on the future of virtual reality by VR Bound looks at the immense traction of the best advancements we can look forward to with much anticipation. To think this has only started to scratch the surface of the virtually endless possibilities that lay ahead of us.

Infographic: The Future of VR | VR Bound - Virtual REality

Looking at the data out there it’s clear that there’s one major misconception that comes bolted on the side of VR. “Virtual Reality is just for gamers.”

Despite what many may think, VR is rife and growing quickly within some pretty major industries outside of the gaming hemisphere. From the aforementioned, education to even the scope of the real estate industry, it’s clear that we’ll be experiencing VR in our day to day lives in the very near future.

From statistics publicly available it’s also been shown that the economical impacts of VR is set to grow substantially in the next 2 years alone, (with expert predictions from a current estimated market value of $90 million to well over $5.3 Billion). Combined with the vast market adoption to this new technology the future looks incredibly positive.

The future of Virtual Reality is coming. Actually, it has already started…