First Light Field Capture Of A Real Environment For Virtual Reality

Los Angeles-based cloud rendering company OTOY  has demonstrated its first light field capture of a real world environment at the FMX 2015 show in Stuttgart, Germany.

Imagine being able to step inside of the Great Pyramid or visit the Great Wall of China all from your own home with a completely accurate virtual recreation that was captured from the real thing,” said OTOY Founder and CEO, Jules Urbach. “Today’s demonstration of the first ever light field capture of a real world environment will enable experiences just like that, and many more as the technology evolves. Just as light field capture of people was a tremendous milestone that advanced film and entertainment, we feel that today’s breakthrough will be equally as significant for the medium of VR and the experiences that are enabled by it.”

The company believes this is an important step to achieving photorealistic live action virtual reality experiences that allow users to move around scenes rather than simply look around.