Create Advertising Group Launches New Virtual Reality Division CreateVR

Create Advertising Group, one of the world’s most accomplished and specialized boutique creative services agencies, has launched a new division CreateVR, dedicated to developing branded, state-of-the-art virtual reality experiences, it was announced today by David Stern, Owner and Founder of Create Advertising Group, and Jonathan Gitlin, Partner and President of Television and Gaming for Create.

CreateVR will work with a wide range of entertainment clients as marketers embrace virtual reality to create innovative and organic brand extensions utilizing the next generation in enhanced story-telling technology.

CreateVR unveiled its inaugural project, “Can You Walk The Walk?,” an effective tie-in to the upcoming film The Walk, directed by legendary filmmaker Robert Zemeckis, during the Summer of Sony event that was hosted for invited media last month in Cancun, Mexico.  The experience was also presented to those who attended CineEurope late last month in Barcelona.

The immersive virtual experience invites users to simulate Philippe Petit’s historic high-wire walk between the towers of the World Trade Center in 1974.  Petit trained for years to make his ‘coup’ possible; now virtual reality has made such a feat possible for the rest of us.

“We believe virtual reality has the potential to become the next great marketing frontier,” said David Stern, founder of Create Advertising Group. “Our job is to relate a brand to the VR world in an experience that feels organic and true to the source material.  We are creating virtual environments that double as innovative brand extensions. Once consumers have had a VR experience based around a specific project or brand — they are invested — they’ve had a personal experience and their relationship with the material is forever changed. It is as powerful a hook as we have ever seen.”

Added Gitlin, “We could not be more challenged or amazed by the vivid and true-to-life worlds that we are able to create or re-create in virtual reality.”

Said Jake Black, head of motion graphics and virtual reality for CreateVR and team leader on the “Can You Walk The Walk?”experience, “As virtual reality platforms like Project Morpheus begin to roll out in the coming year or two at a price point attractive to consumers, the applications for this extraordinary new technology, especially among our entertainment, branding and gaming clients, will continue to grow. It was amazing watching press and everyday consumers finally getting a chance to experience ‘Can You Walk The Walk?’ and we are already talking to clients about our next applications.”

To launch the division, CreateVR has turned to a team of highly-skilled technologists, marketers and gaming industry veterans including Black, Tom Ham, and Dan Pfister.