‘Cloudlands: VR Minigolf’ 18 Holes Is Not Enough

I want to start by saying that VR is incredible. Playing Cloudlands: VR Minigolf was near enough to the real thing that being in that space reminded me of all of the times I’ve gone minigolfing with friends. It’s seems so obvious to state that the club and ball moved exactly how I’d expect them to. I was sometimes left in awe of the scenery as I chose to bask in my environment and neglect my duties as a minigolf player.

The physics were solid enough that I rarely felt cheated when hitting the ball. And a sense of achievement as I was able to see improvement in my ability to navigate the assortment of obstacles.


As you progress through the levels they get increasingly difficult, always posing a significant challenge, I enjoyed the challenge from the obstacles, many of which would not be possible in a real game of mini-golf.

I played through all the holes in a single play through that lasted a little over 100 minutes. Even after playing all that time I did not experience motion sickness.


I did not play online or local multi-player, but I feel that playing together with a group of friends is probably the best way to play and I look forward to trying that later.

Before purchasing this game for yourself you may want to consider some items that were not enjoyable to determine whether or not they are deal breakers for you.

After completing the 18 holes I found myself wanting more. I was disappointed to find that the 18 holes are all the content that will be initially released. However, there is an editor that will become available. I really hope some community content becomes available that could really show Cloudland’s full potential.


The teleportation mechanic is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a system to maneuver that resulted in a completely comfortable experience for me, however, friends of mine who were afraid of heights were unpleasantly surprised to find themselves in midair with no visible floor below.

What stopped me from getting more immersed was how often Cloudlands: VR Mini-golf caused me to get tangled in the cords. This may just be something that I learn to deal with better in the future, but I have become more tangled with Cloudlands when compared to any other VR game to date.

I think that Cloudlands: VR Mini-golf is fairly priced, however it may not be the game for you if you feel that 18 holes is not enough content or if a fear of heights make you uncomfortable.


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