Black Cell Aim to Wake Up Your HTC Vive

Independent developers Black Cell have released their latest game, Wake Up, a shattered and surreal dream filled with fascinating riddles, where your only guide is an elusive butterfly.

Black Cell is an independent team of professional game developers from Vienna developing creative and fresh Virtual Reality applications with a focus on games. Black Cell utilizes great sound and visual design to provide the players with an experience, they won’t forget. Wake up is a smaller game which will take between 20 and 40 minutes to complete, depending on the speed you are able to solve the riddles.

The two founders Michael and Stefan have worked together for many years in AA development, creating games like: Shadowrun Chronicles, Jagged Alliance Online and more. Thanks to Vienna’s emerging Virtual Reality community a skilled team was found in no time, with people ranging from traditional software engineers to sound designers of big and known movie blockbusters.

Wake Up

After their first project “Wake Up” Black Cell will venture into the area of Multiplayer VR. Being able to play together in a virtual world is the ultimate goal for VR Entertainment, which is why Black Cell will start to work into this direction as soon as possible. Apart from that, Black Cell is partnering up with the Children’s Hospital of Vienna, to research diagnosis and treatment methods for children suffering from ADHD.