BeerBox Drunk Augmented Reality App Releases Update

Schulze Gipson, LLC, has updated their popular drunk augmented reality application for Google Cardboard called BeerBox. With the app, users can experience ten increasing levels of simulated visual impairments similar to consuming too much alcohol.

Developer for BeerBox Heath Schulze said ‘We set out to make it comparable to the ‘beer goggles’ that were used in schools to teach children the effects of alcohol.’


‘Our app increases the delay of your reaction time, tilts your view to impair your sense of balance, and makes it more difficult to be spatially aware of your surroundings. On the higher levels the user will experience double vision. Our app goes through 10 different levels ranging from 1 being close to sober, 5 being drunk, and 10 being a higher intensity than most have experienced.’

Because of its compatibility across devices to support augmented reality, Google Cardboard was chosen as the perfect platform, and users that have Google Cardboard with the camera cutout can purchase the app on the Google Play Store for $0.99 USD. The company are excited to see how the community utilizes the app for entertainment and education purposes, and plan to expand towards more devices such as Gear VR and iOS to help reach more people. Additional features are also to come involving social media.