Airpush Launches VirtualSKY, A Virtual Reality Ad Network

Airpush, the mobile advertising leader integrated into over 150,000 mobile apps, has announced at Advertising Week that it will be launching a completely new platform that extends its reach into the emerging world of Virtual Reality. The platform, named VirtualSKY, has been designed from the ground up to deliver gorgeous, immersive, virtual reality advertisement experiences from the world’s top brands and advertisers into virtually any VR app.

Virtual Reality, one of the most exciting and fastest growing segments of the consumer electronics segments, is projected to reach $4.7 billion in sales of software by 2018. Currently, there is no scalable monetization solution for VR developers to earn reliable revenue, and no way for advertisers to place ads within content.

The VirtualSKY platform is the first of its kind, finally conquering the two elements that have previously prevented advertisers from reaching huge numbers of consumers in VR: slow load times and scalable inventory. Because virtual reality files are extremely large, VirtualSKY has been developed using a proprietary technology that enables incredibly fast, pre-cached streaming of experiences that nearly eliminates load times and skipping. This enables quality, high-res experiences to be seamlessly integrated into VR content with little or no disruption to the user experience. This, combined with the fact that the Airpush network is already integrated into more than 150,000 mobile apps around the world, means the platform is projected to expand at a rate that will bring campaign scale in line with other digital mediums faster than any other offering in the space.

As an additional service, VirtualSKY advertisers will have dedicated access to world-class virtual reality design services, enabling them to conceive and launch campaigns within days, rather than weeks.

“Virtual Reality has received the endorsement and investment of many major players in the tech industry,” explains Cameron V. Peebles, Head of Global Marketing for VirtualSKY and Airpush. “From Google to Sony to Facebook, options for VR content development have exploded while any real monetization or advertising capabilities have yet to emerge. VirtualSKY is the first platform to offer both of these.”