2015 JanusVR Expo Shifts Virtual Reality Into High Gear

janusVR Virtual Expo 2015

Imagine a world where people will be able to attend conferences and workshops, interact with the top players in their industry, all without booking expensive long distance flights or even being physically present.

On May 17th at 2pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), virtual reality startup GatherVR.com will take us one step closer to that world when they hold the JanusVR Virtual Expo 2015.
Using the social VR web browser JanusVR, they will host the first truly global and decentralised virtual reality expo where anyone with access to the Internet can participate, and all at no cost.

No specific computer system or even a head mounted virtual reality display is compulsory, as JanusVR also has a ‘desktop mode’, and runs on Windows, OSX and Linux.

janusVR GatherVR
The theatre in GatherVr.com

Organizers of the event say The Virtual Expo will offer networking prospects for attendees, unique opportunities to make solid business connections, and share insights and experiences with some of the leading developers in virtual reality.

With 17 exhibitors and guest speakers James McCrae, AJ Campbell and Chris Madsen, the 2015 Virtual Expo will provide the perfect environment to connect businesses with like-minded people from all over the world, visit innovative virtual reality sites and talk directly to the creators.

Entry to the expo is free and will be via the main lobby when you start JanusVR (17th May only).The event runs until 4pm PST, for more information visit www.gathervr.com/janusvr

The 2015 janusVR Virtual Expo

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