Peekaboo VR To Release A Virtual Reality World For Children

Peekaboo VR, a creative story producer of fully-immersive cinematic virtual reality experiences in the children’s world, today announced the launch of their new website.

“The kids’ space is a major global market, and with Peekaboo VR we can now deliver amazing pioneering content,” said Pia Lindstrom of the Cult Collective who is Sarmiento’s partner.

Peekaboo VR is a content portal that has a 360 space where kids are able to experience the content in 3D stereoscopic or traditional monoscopic view for educational and exploration activities with a linear timeline of a story, such as “Human Evolution” and “Space Exploration for Fun” and storybooks where they are in control and can pan the camera from left to right and interact with the world.

Peekaboo VR

Peekaboo’s content has been created specifically for Virtual Reality. Sarmiento has created specific features to create an incredible journey of exploration by utilizing key components in 360 VR, omnidirectional field of view, color, depth perception, theatrical composition and 3D audio for full immersion.

Julian Sarmiento is the Visual Effects & Virtual Reality Creative & Technical Supervisor of Mirada Studios. Work: I, Robot; The Polar Express; National Treasure: Book of Secrets; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Terminator Salvation and Pacific Rim. VR work includes Google Shop, The Strain and General Electric.

Pia Lindstrom, founder of the Cult Collective is a Los Angeles based production company with a focus on Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality