A-10 VR: An Intuitive Arcade Style FPS For Vive

 A-10 VR is the first Arcade Style FPS that I would demo to someone who is new to the Vive because the learning curve is very forgiving and because a new user can focus only on the immediate threats while a user who is more efficient can target the non-essential targets for additional points while they’re waiting for the difficulty to increase.

Beneath you is a planet and above you appears to be a space station, and you’re surrounded by worm holes that warp robots and mines that aim to take you out. Kill the robots and destroy the mines before you run out of time or you take too much damage from the mines.

A-10 VR

Practice Mode: I used the practice mode only once, but really that’s just fine. It allows you to use your weapons enough to feel confident when you do play legitimately.

Timed Mode: Hit as many robots that are passing by before they escape. When you kill passing robots you increase your timer. You get a high score by playing longer.

Survival: You’re surrounded with no chance of survival, before you become overwhelmed kill as many robots as possible.

Enemy types

  • Basic Mine: these require a single shot to destroy. They slowly travel towards you, if they make contact with you platform you lose a life.
  •  Mine Clusters: the basic mines are connected via connecting rods and the connection between them must be severed before you can shoot the individual mines. Mines can be connected individually or in a pair or in a group of three or a group of four.
  • Shielded Mine: A mine that is protected by 3 shields that need to be broken before the mine can be detonated.
  • Hovering Robots: Fast moving robots that travel between portals. They do not attack, but are worth bonus points if killed.
  • Power-ups: these use the same model as a mine, but are faster moving and travel between portals. If shot they can grant you slow motion, bonus points, or additional lives.


Out of the three modes, survival is the most enjoyable. I would like to see an increase in the variety enemy units, but there is this real sense that you have to priorities based off of how much risk the type of bomb will be you may need to take a hit from a shielded bomb to take out a four-mine cluster bomb. Optional targets appear to allow you to score additional points to keep you occupied if you’re able to efficiently dispatch of the immediate threats and the power-ups are worth keeping an eye out for, especially the slow motion power-up late game that can allow you to clear the field to score that elusive high score.

My one simple suggestion that I have for the developer would be to increase the power-up density as the difficulty ramps up. There gets to be a point where you are swamped with more enemies than can be reasonably dealt with, but the slow-motion power-up can give you the ability to clear the field and with a bit of luck and practice allow for some extremely high scores.

A-10 VR

A-10 VR is a solid and enjoyable title for the Vive especially at the current price of $5 USD. However, it is in the most competitive category: Arcade Style, Single Player, First Person Shooter. If you are only going to get one of these titles, I would recommend looking at some of the other titles before purchasing.